About Us

Andrew & Clare Gray are the husband and wife team behind SpringApp Technologies, starting the Company in the Spring of 2000. Whilst Andy handles the web design and development roles, Clare is responsible for the artistic and creative direction and administrative aspects of the Company.


With three decades worth of experience within the IT field, Andy is SpringApp Technologies President and CEO. In 1985 he joined the Ministry of Defence in the UK and supported a number of classified defense related computerized systems working in Cobol and Data General systems both in England and his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. From there he entered the private sector with Thorn EMI in 1989 continuing a support role for it's nationwide computerized business systems. Two years later Andy then moved into various project management roles for the Anglo-French company SEMA Group, one of Europe's leading technology outsourcing firms, before joining one of the worlds largest IT companies, EDS in 1995 and supplementing his core IT skills with new internet expertise and proficiency whilst being trained in web design and development skills with the Learning Tree International group in London, England.

Clare's organizational talents have been forged in numerous customer and Human Resource related roles over 30+ year period within the service industry specializing in sales and customer service. Clare has provided these skills in various countries including Europe, the Middle East, Canada and at sea with Princess Cruises. Before starting SpringApp Technologies with Andy in 2000 she was employed in the Bond Market department at the UK Corporate Headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank in Southern England.